Universal Stories

UNREAL VACATION | Real stories. Real guests. That’s the premise behind “Universal Stories,” a new series from Universal Parks & Resorts. Each episode in this series of short films features a different family who has traveled to either Florida or California to experience a vacation they’ll never forget.


“Universal Stories” is raw. It’s authentic. It’s real. Somebody is scared to ride a roller coaster and is fighting back tears? We show that. Somebody laughs so hard they might spit out their drink? We show that too. This docu-series, which is beautifully crafted and shot, brings the viewer right into the world of each family—and right into our universe.

Watch The Gilliam Family
Watch The Valinotti Family
Universal Popcorn Team:

Chris Surrey, Executive Creative Director
Jon Strong, Director & Editor
Ryan Dean, Cinematographer
Rob Bloom, ACD/Copywriter of Content & Engagement
Todd Wineland, ACD/Art Director
Derek Deal, Asst. Director & Motion Graphics