Let Yourself Woah

WE ARE LIBERATORS | Most theme park advertisements carry the emotional weight of a Getty Images stock photo. That didn’t cut it when developing the next national brand campaign for Universal. We worked with our external agency partner, GSD&M, to deftly combine humor with the full-throttle experience of being at Universal with a proper sense of adventure, energy, and style. There was only one proper way to describe a day in the life at a Universal theme park: WOAH.


We launched a new brand manifesto and national campaign with GSD&M that captured this sentiment all the way from action through reaction. From the creative brief to scripts to casting to post-production, we were able to be right alongside our characters and guests as they experience what Universal has to offer.

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We wanted to complement the rush of the Universal experience with a tone that was genuinely laugh-out-loud funny! Our external agency partner loved incorporating a style of humor that caught the audience completely off-guard. From the shortest social video to the full-fledged broadcast scripts, the humor was a pervasive and integral component to each story.

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A woah moment is that split second in time when you transform from your everyday self into your Universal self. When you stop thinking about taxes and grades and doctor appointments, and instead live in the moment at hand with the people you love.


The creative team encouraged Kenan and Arturo to each bring their distinct brand of comedy to the campaign. Kenan was great at being the sly straight man, and Arturo brought an arsenal of characters mainly played by himself.


These moments were amplified by our hosts, Kenan & Arturo, who were unabashedly full of life during filming. For them, the woah face was transformative and irrepressible. Every single time.

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Universal Popcorn Team:

Chris Surrey, Executive Creative Director
Scott Ritchey, ACD/Copywriter
Robert Armao, ACD/Art Director
Howard Mermel, Copywriting Manager
Derek Deal, Asst. Director & Motion Graphics
Aven Pitts, Director/Cinematographer of Brand Manifesto Video
Dorian Cantor, Video Editor


GSD&M/Caviar Team:

Ross Aboud, Creative Director/Art Director (GSD&M)
Ryan Martindale, Creative Director/Writer (GSD&M)
Matt Faris, Executive Producer (GSD&M)
Jake Szymanski, GM Director (Caviar)
Nick Jasenovec, HM Director (Caviar)
Amber Schaefer, Social Director (Caviar)
Michael Sagol, Executive Producer (Caviar)
Kim Dellara, Executive Producer (Caviar)
Stephan Mohammed, Producer (Caviar)
Cary Gillespie, Social Producer (Caviar)