Gold Peak Family Affair

A FAMILY AFFAIR | Family, whether by blood or otherwise, when gathered together create a sense of home. Nowadays, people spend moments like Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, and Memorial Day with friends as much as they do with families – but they are also creating new moments.


In the past few years, new food-centric traditions have exploded in popularity. From Taco Tuesdays to Friendsgiving to Season premiere parties – framilies (friends and family) come together in their homes and celebrate these new modernized moments.


Gold Peak wanted to celebrate these new, modernized food-centric traditions by helping We-Lifers create their own family affair at home.



By partnering with PopSugar, we used their TrendRank tool to monitor social conversation and identify family gathering moments relevant to our consumers and culture today. Our UM Studio team was able to select the key moments relevant to our brand based on current trending topics. We worked with PopSugar to create customized toolkits to help elevate the celebrations via fun activities, beautiful décor, and unique food tutorials in a way that only Gold Peak could deliver.

Watch PopSugar-Gold Peak 2018 Recap
UM Studios Team:

Rob Hersey, VP Creative Director
Chris Surrey, Creative Director
Lindsey Brand, Associate Creative Director
Tamika Blockett, VP, Content Director
Luz Corona, Content Manager