These Final Hours

CONFRONTING BIAS | Set against the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter protests, Curtis is a young African-American struggling through his days in America, but what you see isn’t necessarily the truth. These Final Hours is a NAACP Image Award nominated short film, and is the pilot episode of an anthology series and an educational movement with the express mission of subverting unconscious bias.


Confronting Bias aims to turn our perceptions upside-down and challenge our preconceived notions of what race, gender, and social class, mean to us.


Beliefs we’ve inherited through our parents, our media, and our culture. But beliefs are not always truth.

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The TFH team in conjunction with Dr. Bentley L. Gibson of Georgia Highlands College, completed a study on mitigating racial bias with film. Dr. Gibson is a Psychologist, professor, and founder of The Bias Adjuster. Her research focuses on how to help people increase awareness about their own biases and the impact these biases have on their behaviors.


Our goal with the anthology series is help contribute to the diversity and inclusion discussion by tackling the issues of unconscious racial bias and their repercussions throughout our society.


TFH and Project54Tour are actively offering screenings for organizations interested in taking an innovative approach to DEI training. We’ve provided screenings and panel discussions with organizations as large as multinational biotechnology companies and as small as public high school classrooms.

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PaintBox Labs Team:

Lionel Coleman, Director
Brian Flaccus, Writer
Chris Surrey, Executive Producer
Producers: Brian Flaccus, Joseph David Jones, Lionel Coleman, Shan Harris, Benjamin Dunn
Joseph David Jones, Lead Actor
Kerry Smith, Composer
Dean Gonzalez, Editor
Ando Johnson, Sound Designer
The Mill, VFX/Color
Production Companies: The Knights Young Productions & PaintBox Labs