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WE DON’T DO ORDINARY THRILLS | Universal Orlando Resort takes immersive, storytelling experiences and combines them with hold-on-tight thrills in a way nobody else does. Or can. Here we don’t just put you on a roller coaster–we send it through Jurassic World’s Velociraptor paddock. From the excitement of high-speed rides to spectacular accommodations that transport you to exotic locales to never-before-experienced taste sensations, every moment at Universal Orlando Resort is a thrill-on-top-of-a-thrill waiting to happen.


Our task was to create a memorable, multi-media campaign that portrays the lengths Universal goes to in order to create a vacation destination with such unique thrills.

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The team’s approach involved the creation of the fictional Universal’s Thrill Immersion Test Lab. Here lifelike test subjects, referred to as TIMs (Thrill Immersion Models), are subjected to a variety of attractions and attraction-simulations to ensure that every experience at Universal Orlando Resort is completely thrill-worthy and absolutely awesome.


Under the supervision of lead tester Alex, the TIMs scream and laugh their way through every experience proving that we don’t do ordinary thrills.

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Behind The Scenes

In addition to the initial video, images of Alex and the TIMs were utilized to create a series of digital marketing, web and social media executions to spread the campaign over a variety of media.


The sardonically humorous character of lead tester Alex even became a marketing spokescharacter for the parks. He took the lead in the 2022 Holidays campaign, starring in videos and web tactics promoting all the resort’s Christmas-time festivities.

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For Universal Studios Hollywood, extending the campaign involved a slight change in direction. The California theme park is not as thrill based as its Florida counterparts.


Research verified that consumers have cited Universal Studios Hollywood as a favorite way to spend their day in Los Angeles. Still utilizing Alex and the TIMs, the west coast campaign was created to revolve around the idea that Alex’s research was “Testing to Make the Best Day in L.A.” A video was created, similar to Orlando’s but utilizing Universal Studios Hollywood’s attractions and focused not so much on thrills but on the unique experiences one can experience only there.

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As with Universal Orlando Resort’s campaign, images were collected during the video shoot and digital assets were created to expand the campaign into online and outdoor tactics.

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Universal Popcorn Team:

Chris Surrey, Executive Creative Director
Todd Wineland, ACD/Art Director
Howard Mermel, Copywriting Manager
Derek Deal, Asst. Director & Motion Graphics
Aven Pitts, Director/Cinematographer of Making of HHN
Dorian Cantor, Video Editor


PaintBox Labs Team:

Tessa Greenberg, Film Director
Mark Williams, Cinematographer
Lionel Coleman, Executive Producer
Matt Shih, Creative Director
Norma Sardy, Line Producer
Timothy Bailey, Photographer
Pixeldust Studios, CGI & Special Effects